With the first issued retail marijuana license in the state and located right off hwy 525, on the south end of Whidbey Island,

 WICC offers the best service, value, quality and selection to our community and educate with compassion  and integrity. 

Whidbey- Wisdom

Island- Integrity

Cannabis- Community

Company- Compassion

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Sunday 9am-9pm

Meet your knowledgeable WICC FAMILY:


Kathy McCoy

General Manager and Purchaser

What is your goal for Whidbey Island Cannabis?

To provide education and quality products for both recreational & medicinal users of Cannabis. To create a positive experience for both the novice and experienced user of Cannabis.


Steven Sutton

Lead Budtender

Monika Koziol.jpg

Monika Koziol


Sean Bell (2).jpg

Sean Bell

Lead Budtender

James Dowling.jpg

James Dowling


Megan Sinclair.jpg

Megan Sinclair



Cassidy Alber

Lead Budtender


What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?


Where can I smoke?

Marijuana consumption is only permitted in the privacy of your own home. Any public smoking could result in serious legal issues. We recommend treating it like alcohol.

Can I drive after I smoke?

Driving under the influence of any mind altering substance is against the law. Just like alcohol you can NOT drive after smoking. The law states that if you have 5ng/ml in your blood stream or more you can receive a DUI. Please don't smoke and drive!

How much can I have on me?

In the state of Washington a person 21 years or older may have up to an ounce of dry flower on them, which is equal to 28 grams.

Do you have edibles?

Yes we do! Feel free to look at our online menu.

Do you carry concentrates?

WICC carries some of the highest quality concentrates on the market. We have shatters, waxes, and vape pen cartridges waiting for you!

Do you take debit/credit cards?

Sadly, no we do not. This is a cash only facility. We do however have a ATM located inside the shop!

Will you be closed on holidays?

This is always subject to change, but we are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Limited hours on Christmas eve.

Do you guys accept medical marijuana patients?

Yes we do!