Cultivating Cannabis in Canada

According to multiple news outlets, such as the New York Times, as well as many independents, Canada is seeing a scarcity in its cannabis supply due to its massive wave of sales within the first month it has been available. Now, this doesn’t come from just not expecting the level of sales that would come through, but mainly the access to the supply. The number of producers that were around and preparing for legalization didn’t even compare to the predicted number of consumers. To put it in perspective, Sarah L. from did the foot work and reported that the predicted necessary amount of cannabis to maintain steady sales would be around 926,000 kilograms. If my math is right, that is 926,000,000 grams…With an estimated population of 36.95 million, cannabis is seemingly relied on by the people way more than we could have imagined.

With this in mind, it begs the question: What is the next step for Canada, or even the U.S. in the ever-expanding industry?


A Toast to Wellness

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With the ever-expansion of the cannabis industry, companies outside of the culture have taken interest in the possibilities and reliefs that medical marijuana presents. Out of the lists of those interested, some might take you by surprise, such as the titan of a corporation, manufacturer, retailer, and marketer Coca Cola. With CBD (cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive component) as the focus, this dominating force in the beverage world was having talks with the Canadian cannabis company Aurora Cannabis about having a drink infused with CBD. Afterwards, there was a reported statement from Coca Cola:

“We have no interest in marijuana or cannabis. Along with many others in the beverage industry, we are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world. The space is evolving quickly. No decisions have been made at this time.”

"High Time" never seemed more appropriate for what we’ve got in store for you

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Say Hello To Burnwell Cannabis Co!

   Here at WICC we have a large selection of premium, top shelf products. Every now and then we like to shine a spotlight on these amazing vendors! Have you every heard of Burnwell Cannabis Co?


   Well these Eastside growers pride themselves on producing "cannabis without compromise." The main elements they believe will give you guys the greatest flower possible is simple; Sun, soil, and soul! Their beliefs are all about being sustainable. Their facilities have specially engineered technology that lets them harness natural sunlight to offset lamps, which means they only use a fraction of the electricity used by other growers in the state. Did you know 4% of the electricity usage in Washington State is from cannabis growers!? We didn't either until we talked to these guys!

A quick picture from inside Burnwell's state of the art facility.

A quick picture from inside Burnwell's state of the art facility.

  Burnwell really likes to use growing practices that conserve our planet's resources. They try to make the smallest environmental footprint possible by recycling and reusing every they can including, their water and soil. What is even crazier is Burnwell has managed to recycle nearly 100% of these resources from the day they started! 

   Want to learn more about this amazing sustainable cannabis? You can check out their website at and you can come grab some of this soul filled flower from us any day of the week!

Thank you Burnwell Cannabis Co. for educating us and being apart of the WICC family!



Women Outside of The Box

Stoners are such burn outs right? And women belong in the kitchen correct? So wrong! Women are leading the way in the cannabis movement. This is the first billion dollar industry that is mainly run by women. Even moms are openly talking about their marijuana use! 

When it comes to policy reforms and marijuana legalization, it is mainly women that are shaking things up behind the scenes! Check out the link below and learn about these amazing ganja goddesses!

Thanks Wikileaf for the great story! 

Bong Confusion

Maybe you are new to the cannabis world and have no idea why people use bongs or maybe you just have had no desire to give these "water pipes" a shot. Well we are here to teach you how to use these strange things! Check out the link below before you load that bowl and learn the best way to use a bong and why its know in case you don't know.