Meet Your Grower: Subdued Excitement

       Up north in the small city of Ferndale, Washington you will find a building tucked away. In this building is a marijuana grow operation called Subdued Excitement. This brand was created by three owners and nine silent partners. Their goal? To be the best recreational marijuana brand in the state. With four full time employees and 12 part time trimmers they are well on their way.

        This facility is 127,067 square feet and they are only using about 3,170 square feet of that space as their “canopy” space. Canopy space is the areas they use for the growing process. They are one of the smaller tier 2 grow operations in the grand scheme of things. Before Nick Cihlar took us to the beginning of the growing process he showed us a flower room. On average 250-300 plants are in each of these flower rooms. We asked Nick what sets their growing process above the rest of his competition, his answer, “we use a bedding system instead of each plant having a single pot. We also have an irrigation system that runs all the way through the beds and gives the plants the exact water and nutrients they need.”

The Growing Process

        Subdued Exitement starts their growing process with quality genetics. They scour the world looking for high quality seeds and they even got some cuttings from up and down the West Coast. Once they have a plant they know is up to their standards, they let it grow big and bushy. From there they take clones from that “mother” plant and root them in the cloners and/or rock wool cubes. After the clones are planted they go into the flower rooms. They give those guys a little time to acclimate to their new surroundings and then “flip” them. Flipping them includes things such as changing the light cycles. The plants then start to go into budding process which is shown in upcoming pictures. Roughly two months later (depends on the strain) the plants are chopped down and hung up to dry and then they are all hand trimmed!

      After they are hand trimmed they are packaged in multiple ways and sent out to retail stores all over Washington State. When asked what sets SubX apart from all the rest Nick responded with this statement “We do it better than most, because we approach it like the pros do. We use industrial methods and processes, such as tank fed irrigation, to maximize our yield per square foot. We get the most out of our genetics, and then make sure we dry and cure everything properly, and then trip everything by hand!”

      This process is actually very simple and is nothing revolutionary. Mainstream horticulturalists have been doing this for years, just with less profitable plants. Nick also told us they have start mixing their own salts (nutrients), with custom blends for different strains and different phases of development. They even use a self-sufficient, timed system that releases the nutrients into the plants at the exact time they need it.

These guys are one of our more popular vendors and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to go tour their facility and learn how they do things! Thank Subdued Excitement!


Article by Carly Houghton

These pictures go in order of the grow process.

Pictures by Kaley Fagan