Meet Your Grower: Northwest Cannabis Solutions

In Olympia, Washington, past the capital building is a warehouse. This warehouse is the home of Northwest Cannabis Solutions. This facility has two buildings. One building is their processing building which is where the kitchen is for the Magic Kitchen edibles, the extraction rooms, and packaging areas. This building is 40,000 square feet. The second building is the Production building which is the home for all of the gorgeous plants, this building is 70,000 square feet. They also employ around 130 people. These people work in multiple departments. While on our walk through, with Vlad leading the way, we were told they will be expanding in six to seven months continuing to be the largest producer/processor in the state of Washington, if not the entire country.

This is the packaging facility which houses the kitchen and the extraction room.

Two Northwest Cannabis employees weighing and packaging some cannabis


                There is a single kitchen that puts out all of the edibles and everything is handmade. We even got to sample some non-infused taffy that they were trying out and it was just as good of quality as the rest of the edibles we carry from them such as the cookies and pebbles. When we walked into the extraction rooms we were amazed at the two different machines. It was interesting to find out that the CO2 machine could hold up to ten pounds of marijuana and the BHO could only hold about three pounds. When continuing on our tour we got to see another extraction room where they took the ethanol out of the concentrates to make it as pure as possible.

The kitchen that produces all the delicious cannabis infused treats

This is the BHO extraction machine

The CO2 extraction machine

                When we came to the production building we were amazed at how many rooms there were. There was a total of 41 rooms, some of them were drying rooms but most were flowering rooms. They use a soil mixture of Pure Light soil and cocoa. They did not want to disclose their nutrients but they assure of they are the best you can possibly get and very natural. Each room can hold 256 to 356 plants depending on the strain and the bed size. We also asked about the growing process and how long they let the plants grow before cutting them down and how long they let the product dry for. Usually, depending on the strain, they cut plants down any time after 7 weeks of growing. They then put them in drying rooms for seven to eight days. They then send the mass amount of product through a machine trimmer and then send it through two to three employees to hand trim it so they get the best looking buds possible. They use a wet trimmer that can hold up to five pounds at once.

The mother plants

One of the grow rooms in the early stages

                We asked Vlad what his favorite strain was and his response was “from a cost and efficiency standpoint my favorite is Cherries Jubilee but for personal use I like Cherry Sherbet or Sunset Sherbet which will be out soon!” We also asked what sets them apart from their competition and Vlad stated “We want to be the Coca Cola of the cannabis industry. We want the widest variety possible and make sure the customers can get whatever they want.” They are certainly on the right track. They offer two different types of cartridges, numerous types of cannabis, under 3 different brands, and a large variety of edibles. Be sure to come in and grab some 7-way flower or maybe some THC Capsules!