Meet Your Grower: Dawgstar Cannabis

We have all seen the little, or not so little, glass jars on recreational shelves that say, Mind- Body- Mood. Have you ever wondered how that product ended up in those jars? What exactly did that marijuana go through? Well we had the pleasure of adventuring around the Dawgstar Cannabis facility in Seattle and found out how they do things. To our surprise the facility was a lot smaller than we expected. The facility is about 7500 square feet and is two stories, which sounds big, but it consists of one veg room, one bloom room, and one drying room and some office space. Doesn’t sound to fancy? Well that’s okay because they produce some of the most high quality product on today’s recreational marijuana market.

            We got our tour from Jason Whitney, vice president of sales. He has been so great for our managers to work with so it was even better to put a face to the name. We started out by meeting some of the crew from Dawgstar, Dope Premium Brands and Western Cultured. For those who don’t know, these three brands work very closely together to keep high quality product all the way across the board. The first amazing thing we learned about Dawgstar is that one person hand rolls the premium joints. She sits at her desk and just rolls away! We then met the master grower and his team. Which then led us into Dawgstar’s process of growing.

            Once the clones are transplanted into a two gallon pot it’s in the veg room for about six weeks.

Veg room.

Veg room.

When a plant goes into the bloom room, it is typically, a sixty to seventy day cycle. The plants are then cut down and taken upstairs to the drying room. They are then hung and hang dry to 7 days. Once that seven days is up they are then hand trimmed by a team of about 5 timmers and then placed in big glass jars for the curing process. They cure for about twenty days and then the cannabis is packaged in the amazing glass jars we have all learned to love.

Bloom room

More bloom room

Drying room

            What about the nutrients and watering you ask? Well Dawgstar has a long standing relationship with a very well known nutrient company named, Dutch Master. Some of the best nutrients on the market today. When it comes to watering there is no fancy contraption here, just hand watering of each plant. Dawgstar keeps it simple and classic. With a thirteen man staff they produce roughly 50 pounds of flower a month and that doesn’t even include their prerolls and oils.

            We asked Jason where he sees the company in five years and he stated “Ideally, we would like to progress down the West coast and start to become more of a house-hold name/brand. Dawgstar will continue to grow its brand, furnishing a complete line of products, and work with other gardens and beneficial partners.” Of course we also had to ask him where he personally sees the recreational cannabis industry going in the next few years and his answer was flattering, “It is only going to expand. The industry will continuously change and the frame work will look drastically different in the years to come, especially if it’s not federally regulated.” He continued “We will all see a very product driven market. Also it’s important for amazing people and companies like, Whidbey Island Cannabis Company, to continue to educate the market and strive to bring the highest quality products and knowledge to their consumers. If everyone has that philosophy we all will continue to grow together.”

            Well we here at Whidbey Island Cannabis Company plan to do just that! Educate and maintain a growing knowledge base. Without knowledge and continued learning this industry wouldn’t exist. So from all of us here at WICC and on behalf of our friends at Dawgstar Cannabis, thank you for your continued support!