Say Hello To Burnwell Cannabis Co!

   Here at WICC we have a large selection of premium, top shelf products. Every now and then we like to shine a spotlight on these amazing vendors! Have you every heard of Burnwell Cannabis Co?


   Well these Eastside growers pride themselves on producing "cannabis without compromise." The main elements they believe will give you guys the greatest flower possible is simple; Sun, soil, and soul! Their beliefs are all about being sustainable. Their facilities have specially engineered technology that lets them harness natural sunlight to offset lamps, which means they only use a fraction of the electricity used by other growers in the state. Did you know 4% of the electricity usage in Washington State is from cannabis growers!? We didn't either until we talked to these guys!

A quick picture from inside Burnwell's state of the art facility.

A quick picture from inside Burnwell's state of the art facility.

  Burnwell really likes to use growing practices that conserve our planet's resources. They try to make the smallest environmental footprint possible by recycling and reusing every they can including, their water and soil. What is even crazier is Burnwell has managed to recycle nearly 100% of these resources from the day they started! 

   Want to learn more about this amazing sustainable cannabis? You can check out their website at and you can come grab some of this soul filled flower from us any day of the week!

Thank you Burnwell Cannabis Co. for educating us and being apart of the WICC family!